See what’s happening inside through materials and obstructions

Dynamic event high-speed X-ray imaging and beyond

Instruments for materials research in dynamic processes

Scandiflash flash X-ray systems generate an extremely short exposure time X-ray pulse of 20 ns that enables the study of dynamic events in excess of 10 km/s allowing you to see the nearly impossible. Our instruments can be used in a diversity of fields ranging from collision & fluid mechanics to geology to test beds for large-scale facility experiments – like free electron laser setups.

Stop guessing how breaks occur

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Research & Development

Space and Defense
The instruments in Scandiflash flash X-ray systems can capture high velocity and hypervelocity impacts of materials colliding with objects like space debris traveling in excess of 10 km/s where the materials vaporize on impact. The results give vital insight about material deformation.

Electronics and electrical breakdown studies
Our X-ray imaging can monitor events inside closed constructions such as high-voltage electronics, so you can perform breakdown studies in environments not accessible with optical methods.

Service & Support

Our flash X-ray systems exist to help you succeed with your research. Our team is here to support you with installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and training. You can take advantage of one of our recommended service contracts, order spare parts and get all the upgrades you need by simply reaching out.




Experience dynamic impact events with X-ray vision

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Why combine high-speed imaging with X-ray vision?

Flash X-Ray
for high-speed imaging

Scandiflash flash X-ray systems enable up to 8 images with individual time stamps at a frame rate of 1,000,000 fps per system, and multiple systems can operate in parallel. The extremely short exposure times can freeze dynamic events in the form of X-ray images allowing you to see the nearly impossible – penetrating everything from smoke to several centimeters of steel.


Configurable solutions

  • From 75 to 1200 kVp
  • 1 to 8 channels for each system
  • Dual flash per pulse option
  • Pulse width of 20-35 ns
  • 16- 650 micro Gray
  • Penetrates up to several cm of steel


Modules for flexibility

  • Easy add-on components for your existing system
    • X-Ray tubes
    • Pulsers
    • Control cabinet
    • Software
  • Modular based design
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Robust equipment with long lifetime
  • Dry air supply unit
  • Vacuum and maintenance system


Add-ons for performance

  • X-Ray safety equipment
  • Transportation and storage boxes
  • Stands and frames
  • NDT Scanners, image plates and cassettes

Robust precision for results you can depend on

No Glass

Our X-ray tubes are virtually indestructible. We’ve built them to withstand your tough environments.

Swappable anodes

Get extended performance time with large anodes or extra sharp images with smaller anodes… it’s your choice. 
Change them yourself.

You can hold it

Portability can make the difference in getting what you need for your research. One person can easily configure a setup in the lab or in the field.

30mm steel penetration

Scandiflash 450 kVp Flash X-ray systems can penetrate up to 30 mm of steel from a distance of 2.5 meters

No-leak cables

Flexible solid-core high voltage cables connect our pulsers and X-ray tubes – we don’t use liquid.

Sharp radiographs

Scandiflash flash X-ray tubes feature a 1mm focal spot size giving you crisp, sharp images, even at short source-to-object distances.

Fast exposure times

Scandiflash flash X-ray systems feature an incredibly fast 20 nanosecond pulse width that stops motion for extremely sharp radiographs.

1-minute charging time

Scandiflash flash X-ray pulsers are Marx generators with a recharging time of less than one minute. Why wait longer than you have to?

Cost saving

Scandiflash flash X-ray systems are easy to maintain with user serviceable parts. You can replace the anodes and cathodes in our X-ray heads for long life and years of reliable research.


See what’s happening inside

See through materials and visual obstructions

Sometimes you only get one chance – make it count.

Trusted by researchers around the globe

transport-ready solutions to take your research anywhere.

Mobile Flash X-ray Lab

A complete flash X-ray system is packaged in a 20’ ISO container ready for transport and setup at remote testing sites.

The Mobile FXR Lab is a research center housed in a reinforced, insulated and heated container. Scandiflash Mobile FXR Labs are built on-demand and outfitted with the exact flash X-ray system required for your research.

Once onsite, setup is fast with multiple access ports for flash X-ray tubes. Everything your system needs is included in the Mobile FXR Lab.

Container Dimensions (LWH):
20 x 8 x 8.5 ft (6.06 x 2.43 x 2.59 m)

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We’ve been pioneering flash X-ray technology for over 50 years to support scientists and researchers around the globe.

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