Cinematic Imaging Detector – we just call it “CID”

4 Jul 2023 | Flash X-ray systems

Fast moving objects?
Unleash the Power of High-Speed Flash X-Ray Cinematography!

Capture multiple dynamic moments in time at a single fixed location.

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CID advantages

  • Precision image capture for high-speed events
  • Microsecond delay time for optimal timing
  • Created to pair with MAT (multi-anode tube)
  • Plug-and-play multi-imagery for Flash X-rays
  • Customizable camera speeds and resolutions
  • Flexible horizontal or vertical mounting options
  • Synchronized with the integrated delay stage

Compatible systems



Complete your system

Delay stage
Mounting table
MAT (multi-anode tube)

Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID):
Unleash the power of high-speed X-ray cinematography!

Are you tired of missing crucial moments in high-velocity events? Do you want to capture the intricate details of dynamic flash X-ray phenomena with precision and finesse? Look no further. The Scandiflash CID will propel you into the realm of high-speed X-ray imaging mastery!

The Scandiflash CID is the perfect companion for the illustrious Scandiflash Multi-Anode Tube (MAT). Together, they form a dynamic duo, empowering you to conquer the world of flash X-ray cinematography like a true superhero. Witness the impact behavior of materials, delve into the motion of mechatronic devices, or explore the mysteries of structural dynamics at velocities of km/s.


Don’t settle for less

The day you get your gear is the day you can start getting your results. And why settle for capturing a single X-ray image when you can seize multiple moments in time at a single fixed location? With the Scandiflash CID, you’ll unlock the ability to capture a sequence of images with unparalleled precision. Gone are the days of static snapshots that leave you craving more. Embrace the power of cinematic X-ray imaging and unravel the hidden secrets of your experiments.

Core Components: Refined engineering for exceptional performance

The Scandiflash CID comprises a high-speed camera and a delay stage. These remarkable components work together harmoniously, ensuring that your high-velocity events are recorded with the utmost clarity and accuracy. Our engineers have perfected and combined these core elements while wrapping them up in a flexible and highly functional housing to provide you with a seamless solution that enhances your research. But let’s be honest, we know you’re more interested in the solution than the parts.


Accessories: Elevate your X-ray imaging experience!

We offer a range of accessories to complement your Scandiflash CID. Need an adjustable height table for optimal positioning? We’ve got you covered. Prefer a fixed frame for stability during your experiments? Consider it done! Our modular system adapts to your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and providing you with the flexibility to conquer any research challenge.


Modularity: Your experiments, your rules.

Mount it horizontally, mount it vertically – the choice is yours! The Scandiflash CID embraces the beauty of modularity, allowing you to configure the setup to suit your experimental requirements. We understand that everyone has their own vision, and our system is designed to bring that vision to life.


System Integration: Sync like a maestro!

In the world of high-speed X-ray imaging, timing is everything. To orchestrate the perfect symphony of camera framing and X-ray flashes, the Scandiflash CID seamlessly integrates a delay stage. It grants you complete control over trigger signals, enabling precise synchronization to capture every breathtaking detail of your dynamic events.

How fast do you need to go? The Scandiflash CID is as versatile as a chameleon in a lab coat! Tell us your desired speeds and resolutions, and we’ll make it happen. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your ambitions are realized, no matter how fast-paced they may be.

Ready for the next level of X-ray imaging wizardry? Contact us now and embark on a journey where engineering innovation meets cinematic magic. The Scandiflash CID awaits your command!

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About Scandiflash

For over 50 years, Scandiflash has been pioneering flash X-ray technology to help scientists and researchers around the globe to see the nearly impossible. Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Systems generate extremely short pulses used to capture dynamics in the harshest of conditions, ranging from indoor lab setups to outdoor large-scale firing ranges. The systems are modular and can be tailored to meet your requirements for number of pulses and peak energy conditions.