Dry Air Conversion Kit

3 Jul 2023 | Flash X-ray systems

Finally, you can say goodbye to SF6!

Revolutionize your SF6 system with a breath of fresh air and enjoy the science of simplicity!

Say farewell to the days of complicated insulating gases and wave hello to our cleaner, simpler, and safer pressurized air system.

Pressurized dry air advantages

  • No harmful greenhouse gases
  • No certificates or SF6 authorization needed
  • No more costs for return handling of gases
  • Cost effective, friendly insulating solution
  • Simplified operation – one gas for your system
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment
  • Less admin = more time for research

Compatible systems


The Dry Air Conversion Kit: Advancing Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility in your SF6 System!

SF6? More like “So yesterday, it’s 23,500 times worse than CO2!” Our ingenious kit obviates the need for this demanding gas, liberating you from its intricate management and ensuring tranquility in your operations.

No More SF6 Hassles – it’s time to break free from administrative requirements. Relinquish the bureaucratic entanglements associated with authorized permissions and leverage a system that empowers you with autonomy, allowing you to focus your energies on advancing scientific and engineering frontiers. Now is the time to say goodbye to the complexities of SF6 and say hello to a greener future. Choose the cleaner, simpler, and safer alternative. Air.

Modularity at its finest

Embrace the virtues of adaptability, mirroring the iterative nature of engineering, testing, and scientific investigation. Our meticulously designed kit offers a spectrum of options, accommodating your unique requirements. Whether you choose a monumental metamorphosis or incremental enhancements, we provide the framework for your evolution.

Accessorize in style

Enhance your system’s performance with our range of accessories and services. The CAD700 series dry air compressor brings power and precision. Need a digital boost? Our upgrade will unlock the full potential of your operations. It’s a smart investment that enhances efficiency and convenience. And for revitalizing your equipment, our pulser renovation will breathe new life into the heart of your system.


Red tubes, make way for blue

If your system is still rocking red tubes for insulation gas, it’s time to welcome the coolness of blue. Switching to compressed air brings cost savings and simplicity. With our kit, you’ll only need one gas to power your system, making life easier and more efficient.


Embrace Change, Embrace Savings

In addition to environmental stewardship, our Dry Air Conversion Kit delivers substantial cost savings. By bidding farewell to SF6 handling fees and associated administrative burdens, you’ll experience economic benefits commensurate with your commitment to testing and results. Efficiency and fiscal responsibility go hand in hand.


Upgrade like a pro

Our Dry Air Conversion Kit takes your system to new heights and may require a few adjustments. We’ll extend your high voltage cable isolation, prolong the X-ray tube, and even swap out the top HV-connector on the pulser. Don’t worry – we’ve made it simple to mount our X-ray tube upgrade kits, and the existing HV-cables can be reused or replaced as needed. It’s the perfect opportunity for a complete systems refurbishment, so why not let one of our experts work their magic on-site for you?


Ready to unlock the science of simplicity?

Contact us today to discover how our Dry Air Conversion Kit can transform your system into a streamlined powerhouse. Get ready to embrace a cleaner, simpler, and safer future!

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