Flash X-ray 101 lab reference poster

9 May 2024 | Flash X-ray systems, Training

4 Essential setups for FXR imaging

From one fixed area of study at one moment in time, to 3D stereo imaging, to high-speed bursts of image sequences, to multi-area time sequence imaging along a trajectory, Scandiflash Flash X-ray tubes are designed to work individually, as well as in numerous combinations to reveal the most intricate and hidden details of the “hot spots” within your dynamic events. Combine any of these four setups and you’ll be able you to study any scenario you can imagine!

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About Scandiflash

For over 50 years, Scandiflash has been pioneering flash X-ray technology to help scientists and researchers around the globe to see the nearly impossible. Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Systems generate extremely short pulses used to capture dynamics in the harshest of conditions, ranging from indoor lab setups to outdoor large-scale firing ranges. The systems are modular and can be tailored to meet your requirements for number of pulses and peak energy conditions.