Increased orders and on-time deliveries continue as expected

18 Oct 2021 | Flash X-ray systems

Keep your research on schedule despite supply chain challenges

Scandiflash flash X-ray instruments are critical for your material and mechanical science research, and we know how important it is that your shipments go out on time and your research continues without delay. We’ve worked hard to manage increased orders, and on-time deliveries continue as expected.

We’re really pleased to be able to say that we’ve completed several deliveries over the past few weeks. With the current global situation, we all know supply chains around the world are under considerable stress. It’s not been easy, but our team has managed to stock, manufacture, and deliver according to schedule. The hard work has paid off, and we’ll continue to do our best at fulfilling your orders. No, we can’t leap over tall buildings, but our instruments are faster than speeding bullets. The flash X-ray systems in our most recent deliveries are capable of recording X-ray images of objects moving at km/s speeds!

Our next delivery is already in the packing phase of our production process after having undergone extensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to ensure each system runs smoothly and according to specifications. Our comprehensive tests include everything from testing individual units to testing the full system by triggering the X-ray pulse after charging the pulsers in a stepwise pressure and energy scheme.

Typical Scandiflash systems

A typical system delivery from Scandiflash contains from one up to several Flash X-ray channels where each channel can generate one image of a high-speed event, a compressor unit that supplies the flash X-ray generators with compressed air to regulate and control the breakdown voltage of fixed-spark-gap switches inside the pulsers, and a service station for X-ray tube vacuum pump-down and service. It can also contain auxiliary equipment such as X-ray shielding, X-ray safety and warning systems, and sample environmental setups. In all, a typical shipment from Scandiflash consists of a set of crates weighing a few hundred kilograms each.

Easy installation

Once the equipment arrives at its destination, the system is easy to install, and the time it takes from installation to operation is swift – we’re talking about days not weeks. In fact, when Scandiflash ships rental systems, we’ve been known to have our instruments ready for our customer’s experiments within 1-3 days after system arrival. Installation can be done by Scandiflash personnel on-site or by the users via remote installation support. If you need help setting up your experiments, you can count on our experienced engineers to guide you.

We’re meeting the growing demand for flash X-ray equipment

In 2020, Scandiflash doubled its deliveries with respect to 2019, and now at the beginning of Q4 2021, we’ve already matched 2020 deliveries of flash X-ray equipment. We’re proud to continuing supplying researchers around the world with instrumentation for material science and mechanical science research. Even with increased orders, our on-time deliveries continue as expected.

Researching dynamics?

Sometimes you only get one chance – make it count.

About Scandiflash

For over 50 years, Scandiflash has been pioneering flash X-ray technology to help scientists and researchers around the globe to see the nearly impossible. Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Systems generate extremely short pulses used to capture dynamics in the harshest of conditions, ranging from indoor lab setups to outdoor large-scale firing ranges. The systems are modular and can be tailored to meet your requirements for number of pulses and peak energy conditions.