Material impact studies of a ricochet phenomena

2 Sep 2021 | Multi anode tubes, X-ray cinematography

High-speed flash X-ray cinematography catpures ricochet phenomena at 820 m/s

A bullet traveling 820 m/s impacts an inclined aramid composite plate. 6 X-ray images capture the event with a 50 microsecond time interval between them.

A ricochet phenomena under ballistic impact of a projectile traveling 820 m/s is captured with an X-ray image frame rate of 20,000 fps and an inter-frame time of 50 microseconds. The exposure time for each image is 1 microsecond.

These images were captured by Norbert Faderl and Marvin Becker at the French-German Research Institute of Saint Louis using the  setup described in Proc. of SPIE 10999(2019)10990L-1 containing a Scandiflash MAT300 flash X-ray system.

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