Services to keep your research going

The instrumentation in our flash X-ray systems exist to help you succeed with your research. Our team is here to support you with installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and training. You can take advantage of one of our recommended service contracts, order spare parts and get all the upgrades you need by simply reaching out.



Recommended maintenance for high uptime and reliable results.


In case of emergency, we offer both remote and on-site troubleshooting.

Certification & Training

Tailored training about X-rays and how to operate your system.


On-site and remote installation for a fast route to results.

Spare parts

A rich assortment of spare parts available for your system.


Prolong the lifetime of your system and add new features.


Service contracts

To help maintain the optimal conditions for our customers to meet their research goals, we offer customized and tailored Service Contracts. Our Service Contracts are tailored together with you to include a chosen amount of preventative maintenance actions, spare parts, discounts on consumables and a variety of other services depending on your service needs. Service contracts also include operational training making sure the operator and users are up to date with the system and safety. We are here to work with you to provide the correct level of support you need to suit your workplace environment, requirements, and budget. Please contact us to discuss your Service Contract.


System Health Check-Up

System Health Check-Ups are an opportunity for customers who are not currently under a Service Contract to receive a detailed system examination and a recommendation for service, repairs or upgrades that could be taken to improve system performance and prevent future downtime. A System Health Check Up will help you to maintain the high standards of accuracy and precision that your application needs, as well as minimizing instrument downtime. Please contact us to book a System Health Check Up.


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an opportunity for customers who are not currently under a Service Contract to make sure your equipment is performing its best when needed. Refer to your Scandiflash manual for time interval recommendations to recondition your pulsers and X-ray tubes. For example, you can minimize the risks for pre-firing due to contamination issues by having your pulsers and X-ray tubes factory reconditined where the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and tested. Preventive maintenance can ensure a longer lifetime for your instruments.


Scandiflash offers both on-site repair visits as well as remote support sessions to respond to your acute issues. Remote Support Sessions with our Service Engineers are a fast and cost-efficient method to get the technical advice and help you need to address issues, troubleshoot problems or install upgrades.

Certification & Training

Flash X-ray system operator training is essential in assisting you to get the most out of your Scandiflash product and ensuring your understanding of the basic safety concepts for the components in the system – X-rays, vacuum and pressurized vessels. Operator training is normally provided at the time of your equipment installation and commissioning by one of our fully qualified engineers. Each attendee receives an operator training diploma valid for 3 years. Follow up operational training is usually part of the service contract. We recommend taking the course every third year or if you are new to the system to ensure safety and success. Certification and training sessions can be done with Scandiflash personel on-site or remote.


Scandiflash recommends that installation is ordered with every system purchase so that the system is set up correctly. The installation usually takes a few days and includes setting up the system, performing system site acceptance tests (SAT) and instructing users about the system functionality. Additional training sessions can be added upon request. It is also possible to order installation support when a system is relocated. Installations can be done with Scandiflash personnel on-site or remote.

Spare parts

A rich assortment of spare parts and accessories (see the accessories) is available for your system. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

  • HV cables, control cable bundle and ion pump cables
  • Ion pumps. After years of use, the pumps need maintenance. The design enables quick replacement of the pump getters.
  • Anodes are consumables, so make sure you stock extra. They are available in different sizes of 1 mm, 2.5 mm, and 4 mm. Scandiflash anodes exist in different diameters to ensure the best conditions for your particular experiment. The design is made to support a long lifetime of your system under harsh conditions – it’s built to last.
  • Cathodes exist in different sizes to match the X-ray tube and anode diameter.
  • X-ray window replacement kit


Air conversion
To prevent sparks, isolation gas is used in Scandiflash systems. In older model systems, SF6 was used, but today dry air is used instead as SF6 is a very potent greenhouse gas, and its use is regulated in the EU by EU 2015 2015/2066.  For many years, Scandiflash has used compressed air as an isolation medium in pulsers and X-ray tubes. If your equipment is using SF6, we are happy to offer an upgrade to the compressed air platform. Contact us for more information. Read the blog post here.

Get a Scandiflash computer with the ScandiControl software installed and configured to your system settings, ready to go upon delivery.

Dual Tube Option upgrade
A Dual Tube Option can be retrofitted to your current system. Some of our pulsers are compatible with our Dual Tube Option (see Systems section for compatibility). Pulsers equipped with the Dual Tube Option allow two X-ray tubes to be connected to one pulser. The advantage of this setup is that it’s possible to record two X-Ray images of the experiment at the exact same time but from different angles.

System extension
Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Systems are modular in design, and a system can include one or several channels. Each channel gives one, or with dual tubes two simultaneous exposures, at a preset time. To simplify operation, all channels are connected to the same control system. If you would like to extend your system with further channels, please contact us for more information.

Radiation protection and apertures
Scandiflash offers several add-ons for X-ray tubes that limit the spread of X-rays. Several of these products can be retrofitted on existing products. See the accessories section for more information.

X-ray tube pumping systems
The vacuum in Scandiflash X-Ray Tubes is maintained by pumping. We offer several accessories for ion-pumped tubes, such as the RPS30 Service and Pump Station and the IPPS External Pump Control Unit, designed to be able to maintain ion pump operation during X-ray tube idling between experiments.

Remote operation
Scandiflash offers several possibilities to configure and reconfigure your system. If you have a demanding experiment where you need to distance the X-ray tube from the pulser, Scandiflash offers longer HV cables, or if your control room is located beyond reach for your standard network cable, the ethernet extender unit offers distances up to 2 km between the experiment and control computer.

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